Long-Vowel Silent-E Printable Crossword

by Barbara J. FeldmanEach of the words in this printable crossword puzzle follows the “long-vowel, silent-e” rule. Can you guess them all?


1. Against the law
2. You can tie a knot in it
5. Let’s play one
8. Not on time
10. Use it with a fork
11. 3D square
13. Where there’s fire
14. Group of Indians
15. More than a nickel
16. Cook on it


1. Bird _____
3. You’ll find them in books
4. A lion has one
6. Donkey
7. For your birthday
9. For a king or queen
12. _____ and groom
13. Good for your face

Interactive Version of this Game

Long-Vowel Silent-E Crossword Answer Key

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