Safari Dress Up

This lovely girl is on safari in the wilds of South Africa. She’s trying to rough it but she wants to look cute while she’s looking for giraffes, zebras and other game. Let’s give her a cute ‘do. Maybe a cropped cut, soft waves or long locks pulled into the perfect ponytail. Put her in a short sleeve safari jacket with pockets and a little flair or maybe the long sleeve version if it’s cooler outside. Perhaps a pretty little t-shirt or tiny tank top with spaghetti straps paired with a sassy skirt, skinny jeans or cool capris. Choose cute shoes, cool boots or other fabulous footwear! Cap off her sophisticated safari look with a classic cowboy hat or maybe a ball cap. Then again, you might want to grab a fashionable hat with a wide brim so she can be function and fashionable, too. Give her a great tan, choose some great jewelry and then finish everything with cool shades. She’s ready to go. Hours of fabulous fun are yours when you try your fashionable hand at Safari Dress Up!

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