Pretty Extreme Snowboarding

Pretty Extreme Snowboarding is your chance to find out if you have what it takes to handle extreme sports! Use the arrow keys to guide your snowboarder down the mountain. If you want to prove yourself you are going to need to learn some tricks. Watch out for the trees and rocks… they will mess you up!

Pretty Extreme Snowboarding Instructions:Use the arrow keys to guide your snowboarder down the mountain. The DOWN arrow points you straight down the mountain, which will allow you to get up to the maximum speed. The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys change your snowboarder’s angle in the direction of the arrow (from your perspective, not the snowboarder’s). To go off a jump, simply ride over it.Tricks: Grabs: (hold the button to keep grabbing)Indy Grab ZStalefish Grab XTail Grab CMethod Grab VSpins and Flips: (rapidly press the appropriate key combination in order)Backside 180 LEFT, RIGHTFrontside 180 RIGHT, LEFTBackside 360 LEFT, UP, RIGHTFrontside 360 RIGHT, UP, LEFTBackflip LEFT, DOWN, RIGHTFrontflip RIGHT, DOWN, LEFTRailslides: ride up to the jump at the same angle as the rail, and hold the spacebar to slide.

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