Pretty Good Golf

The game is played looking directly down on the golf course. Different patterns on the screen represent different terrains, such as the fairway, rough, sand or trees. When you begin, the game lets you choose among several different courses and three levels of play. To learn the game, start with the practice level.

The information bar will appear on the right side of your screen in the game. It shows your scorecard at the top, your club choice, the wind direction and speed, the terrain where the ball lies and the swing meter.

To make a shot, first select your club. Do this by clicking and holding the pop-up menu. Next, position the cursor near the ball. The ball appears as a white dot on the course display.

An easy way to remember which direction to point the line is to think of the line as a billiards stick. Position the line behind the ball.

Notice the swing meter at the bottom of the information/menu bar. To swing, click down and hold. A black line will rise on the swing meter. Release it when it matches the red line already on the meter. If the two lines match, the swing will be perfect. Otherwise you will either slice or pull the ball.

Pay attention to what type of surface you are hitting from (tee, fairway, rough, etc.), as this affects the drive. Once the ball reaches the green, the display will change to enlarge that portion of the course.

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