Rainforest Word Search Glossary

  • canopy: dense carpet of vegetation 65 to 100 feet off the ground which absorbs about 90% of the sunlight

  • emergent tree: a tall tree that towers above the canopy

  • flooded rainforest: has vast areas under water at least part of the year

  • forest floor: the ground of the rainforest is almost bare except for fallen leaves and branches

  • igapo: a rainforest flooded for most of the year

  • lowland rainforest: rainfall and humidity are relatively constant throughout the year, though dry and wet seasons do occur

  • montane rainforest: high land rainforest such as the cloud forests of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico

  • mangrove rainforest: forests of the distinctive mangroves tree, with their distinctive stilt roots

  • rainfall: the amount of rain in a year, measured in inches or centimeters

  • rainforest: anywhere that receives more than eighty inches of rainfall a year

  • temperate rainforests: are mild weather forests, not located near the equator, that have more than eighty inches of rain per year

  • tropical rainforests: exist mainly near the equator, and have from 160 to 400 inches of rain a year

  • understory: the dark region below the rainforest canopy

  • varzea: a rainforest flooded for a short time after heavy rains

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