Sara’s Cooking Class: Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing beats homemade food, especially homemade ice cream, vanilla ice cream to be precise. Get the milk out of the fridge, get the stock pot from the cabinet and get a cooking spoon from the hanging utensils on the wall and let’s begin. First turn on the stove and put the crock pot on the burner. Pour the milk into the pot and stir. Turn the heat to medium and keep stirring. Next, get out a glass mixing bowl from the cabinet. Then get the eggs from the fridge and the super fine sugar from the cabinet and grab a whisk. Pour the sugar into the mixing bowl and add the eggs. Whisk the mixture until well blended. Pour the warm milk into the sugar and egg mixture and mix then pour it back into the stock pot. Whisk the mixture on the stove then pour it into the mixing bowl and let it cool. Get out the vanilla and the heavy cream. Add a vanilla bean and the heavy cream into the cooled mixture and blend. Now get your ice cream maker and take the lid off. Grab your ice cream pan and set it next to the ice cream maker. Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker, blend and pour into the pan. Freeze it! Take your pan of home made ice cream out along with chocolate syrup, nuts, a bowl and the scoop. Make yourself a yummy ice cream treat, sit and enjoy! Have a great time in Sara’s Cooking Class: Vanilla Ice Cream!

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