Science 101 Printable Crossword

Test your science knowledge in this printable crossword puzzle.


3. "the powerhouse of the cell"
6. era in which dinosaurs were present
8. most common organism on Earth, main culprit in the spread of disease
9. one of the five senses, this one is closely tied to smell
11. imaginary horizontal lines used to map locations on the Earth’s surface
13. second largest planet in our solar system
14. type of atom, with hydrogen, found in a water molecule
15. Newton made pioneering contributions to the study of this natural phenomenon


1. process responsible for supplying energy to almost all organisms
2. large fish with multiple rows of teeth
4. _________ system; bodily system that protects us from the negative types of 8. ACROSS
5. scientific theory about the sudden beginning of the universe (2 words)
7. occurs when the Earth’s surface is shaken by a release of pressure from below
10. most damaging part of a hurricane
12. neon, argon, and helium are called _____ gases because they are never found in chemical compounds

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