Scientifically Speaking Printable Crossword

by Adrian Hoad-ReddickChallenge your science knowledge in this printable crossword puzzle.


4. Earth’s zone of air, water and soil capable of supporting life
6. Perhaps the most well-known scientist of the 20th century known especially for his theories of relativity and wild hair
9. Branch of science that explains the motion of airplanes in flight
10. Hill or mountain with a vent in the center
12. Plantlike organisms that produce more oxygen than all plants put together
13. Organ that sends blood through our bodies
15. The Ring of ______ – a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ocean
17. Covers over 70% of the earth’s surface
18. Any kind of contamination of the earth
19. Burning of fossil fuels has turned this natural Effect into a negative one


1. The study of plants
2. Imagined groupings of stars
3. Natural process by which rocks are worn away by wind, water or glacial ice
5. Organisms that drift near the surface of salt and fresh water
7. Due to a decrease in their population, the Siberian tiger and the leatherback turtle species are now _______________
8. Evaporation of water from the surfaces of plants
11. Study of the earth’s atmosphere and weather
14. Tendon that plays an important role when we walk
16. Intelligent and talkative aquatic mammal
18. Name of the continents when they were all one

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Scientifically Speaking Crossword Answer Key

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