Scrap Metal Heroes

Create your robot army and rise to become the champion of the world! Using nearly 200 different parts, build robots to battle in real-time against a variety of evil opponents in challenging missions. First, select a robot by either clicking on its icon, or by pressing the number key assigned to it. Then click on a lane button (arrow buttons along left edge) to build the selected robot. You can also use items in battle. Simply select an item and click on the battlefield to do so. Each item can only be used once.The cost of each scrap resource is shown on their icons. Your stockpile of scrap is shown at the top of the screen. The scrap income rate slowly increases during a battle, and you can gain more scrap by destroying enemy robots. Your maximum scrap capacity is 1000, so make sure to spend it before maxing out.Ultimately, your goal is to gain 20 points by crossing the opposite edge with your robots. Learn more, do more, build more and have an amazing time playing Scrap Metal Heroes!

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