Stellar Printable Crossword

by Adrian Hoad-ReddickTest your knowledge of the stars and planets in this printable Stellar Crossword Puzzle.


1. Patterns in the sky created by stars
4. This planet appears blue-green through a telescope
8. Star distances are measured in _____ _____ (2 words)
10. The smallest planet in our solar system
12. The number of known planets in our solar system
13. Astronomers look through these at the night sky
15. U.S. Space Agency
18. The first planet discovered using a telescope
19. Holes in the moon
20. Best known ringed-planet
21. Planet featuring the Great Red Spot
23. Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are the Inner ________
25. The halo of gas around the Sun
27. This planet has an orbit of 3 months
28. A collapsed star may become this (2 words)


2. The nearest star to the sun (2 words)
3. The path of one body around another in space
5. When the Moon moves in front of the Sun, or when the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon
6. The main gas in Earth’s atmosphere
7. Orbiting Space Telescope launched in 1990
9. Planet where Sojourner journeyed
11. A flashing neutron star
12. Large clouds of gas and dust in space
14. The north star
16. Minor planets; most orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter
17. This planet comes closest to Earth
22. Saturn’s main moon
24. Our planet
26. Mars is known as the ____ Planet

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