Summer Wedding Dress Up

In the midst of rolling country meadows, this cute couple will say ‘I do!’ But first, they need new looks for their roles as bride and groom. Let’s begin with the bride and give her a cute new ‘do. Will you give her an elegant up do or leave it down? Next choose jewelry. Will it be new or something old? Maybe something borrowed? Once you’ve settled on jewelry, it’s time for the fun part! Pick out the wedding gown. Is something strapless and classic a possibility? Maybe an empire waisted gown with straps and crystal details. Or maybe she’s going to a modern twist on your wedding and wear a cocktail dress. Finally, select some really pretty shoes, arms sleeves if you want and then give her a tan. She’s done! On to the groom! Start with a new hair cut then get the right suit coat and pants. Pick out a watch, cool shades, stockings and shoes then give him a tan. He’s ready to wed! They make a smashing couple and you did a wonderful job with Summer Wedding Dress Up!

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