Super Fishing

Love to fish? You will get to sit in five fishing spots, using five different types of lure, each with their own method of attracting game, and 68 types of fish to catch. Using only your mouse, click once to pop line. Click and hold to slow reel. Double click to jerk line. Double click and hold to fast reel. To attract fish, reel slowly, alternate fast reeling and stopping, plug and alternate slow reel and pop, fly, cast and wait. If nothing bites in five seconds, try again. Bait, cast and wait. Live bait must be re-cast if it dies in the water. To catch fish, combine your rod techniques to keep the indicator in the area of the Fishing Bar. Leave it in the stress or slack area for too long and you will lose your catch! Run down the fish’s health bar to tire him out and bring him up. Have fun Super Fishing!

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