Super Hero Kiss

This superhero has a girlfriend from the bad side of town, and although she’s a powerful super villain, her bad guy buddies want to protect her. That said, you’ve got to sneak around the rooftops and find a secluded spot away from everyone where you can kiss! Click on our super couple to make them kiss but be careful. In level one, it’s the mafioso with the gun! When you see an exclamation point above his head, stop kissing. When he looks at you, click on him to get him to look away. On Level 2, it’s the mafioso joined by Green Eyes, a tornado of green with a cape. When you see the exclamation point, stop kissing as you don’t want to get caught. You can click on him to make him go away, too! Finally, on level 3, you’ve got the mafioso, Green Eyes and the dude with the big guns. When he looks at you, click on him to make him leave! Can you fill the kiss meter before time runs out? Can you do it three times? Have a super time trying when you play Super Hero Kiss!

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