The Survivors Dress Up

These two fabulous people are roughing it on The Survivors reality show. Let's get them dressed and ready to compete! Give him a great hair cut. Maybe something short or perhaps a ponytail. Decide how deep you want his tan to be then grab a t-shirt, a dress shirt with the sleeveless rolled up, an undershirt or maybe you just prefer him shirtless! Then decide on shorts or pants, a hat and shades. Finally select socks and shoes then let's move on to our great girl. Give her a cropped 'do, short, crazy curls, a shoulder length look or another funky look then tan her. Do you want her to be pale or brown as a nut? It's entirely up to you. Have fun with it! Now let's get the girl a great look with a tiny tank top or maybe a torn look. A bra top would be good as less is more in tropical climates but then again maybe a t-shirt is more her speed. Pair her top with short shorts, a fleece skirt or skinny jeans. Top off her look with a baseball cap, sassy shades, funky socks and fashionable shoes. They're ready to go. May the best person win. You've already won when you play The Survivors Dress Up!

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