Thieves of Egypt Solitaire

If you like solitaire, you’ll have fun with this game. The goal is to move all the cards to the foundation piles on the upper right side. Foundation piles are to built up from A to K with cards of the same suit. Use the tableau piles, the cards at the bottom, to hold the cards. The tableau piles are to be built down from K to A with cards of alternating colors. You may move a column of cards from one tableau pile to another if that column is arranged correctly. You can only put a K where there is an open spot among the line of tableau piles. On the top left are the stock cards, each time you can open one stock card and put it on the waste pile, and then you can move the card to either the foundation piles or to the tableau piles. After you’ve dealt all the stock cards, you can flip the waste pile and deal again one more time. Are you ready for some cool fun? Then you’ll enjoy playing Thieves of Egypt Solitaire!

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