30 Years of History Print-n-Play Crossword

by Adrian Hoad-ReddickSolve fill-in-the-blank clues to 30 years of historic events!


2. 1984 Famine in __________ kills hundreds of thousands.
4. 1970 126 runners show up for the first New York ________and run around Central Park four times.
6. 1992 A French court convicts three officials of allowing _____-infected blood to be used in transfusions.
9. 1999 An earthquake that kills some 17,000 people and leaves thousands of others homeless devastates eastern _______.
11. 1974 ______successfully detonates an atomic bomb and becomes the fifth nuclear power in the world.
13. 1998 To the dismay of many in the Western world, India and ________, historic enemies, conduct independent underground nuclear tests.
16. 1971 Masterpiece Theater, All in the Family, and The Electric Company premiere on ___________.
17. 1989 Nicolae Ceausescu, brutal military dictator of _________, is overthrown.
18. 1979 A nuclear-related accident at _____ ____ ______ in Pennsylvania causes the evacuation of over 100,000 people.
20. 1988 King Hussein of _______renounces control of the West Bank in favor of the PLO.
21. 1991 Operation ______ ______ begins February 24, with an invasion of Iraq and Kuwait under the leadership of General Norman Schwarzkopf.
25. 1980 Voyager I, a NASA probe, explores _______.
28. 1986 Electronic games from _________ debut.
29. 1997 Leaders of the ________ industry offer to pay $368 billion if numerous states agree to drop lawsuits filed against them.
30. 1983 ________ phones make their first U.S appearance in Chicago.


1. 1976 In a reversal of a 1972 decision, the Supreme Court rules the ______ ________ constitutional.
3. 1990 Nelson Mandela is released from a South African prison after serving 27 years for his opposition to __________.
5. 1985 Sandinista Daniel Ortega becomes president of __________ and makes peace overtures to the U.S.
7. 1973 Direct American involvement in ________ ends with the January declaration of a ceasefire. Bombing of Cambodia continues in an effort to retrieve POWs.
8. 1978 The United States recognizes the People’s Republic of ______.
10. 1977 Rock pioneer ______ ______ dies in Memphis.
12. 1994 In a testament to the escalation of everyday ________ usage, America Online announces that it has reached 1 million subscribers.
14. 1975 __________ is in business in Seattle, Washington. The computer software company is founded by Paul Allen, age 22, and Bill Gates, age 19 and a Harvard drop-out.
15. 1993 Two researchers at George Washington University announce that they have successfully ______ nonviable human embryos.
19. 1982 The first successful ______ transplant is performed in Salt Lake City, Utah.
22. 1972 Richard Leakey and Glynn Isaac find a ______ in Kenya which potentially dates the first humans to 2.5 million B.C.
23. 1996 During the 100th anniversary of the ________, a bomb explodes in Atlanta’s Centennial Park, killing one and injuring 111 others.
24. 1995 Following the collapse of the peso, the United States authorizes aid in excess of $20 billion to assist _______.
26. 1987 Soviet Secretary Gorbachev and U.S. President Reagan sign the INF Treaty in Washington, D.C., to reduce their _______ stockpiles.
27. 1981 Francois Mitterrand becomes president of _______.

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