Tom and Sally Dress Up

It’s a cool fall day and these cute toddlers are having a play date. Let’s get them dressed and ready to play. Give Tom a cute haircut and a fun little facial expression. Put a colorful diaper on him then dress him in a onesie. Maybe a long sleeve brown one with white polka dots or a short sleeve one with red and white stripes. Or put him in a hoodie and a tee paired with shorts or pants. Finally, grab gloves, sock and shoes and he’s done. He’s ready to play! Give Sally an adorable ‘do! Then pick out cute jewelry and great little gloves for her. Put her spunky little self in a sassy little sundress or fun footie pajamas. Then again, maybe you’ll dress her in a fun little t-short or tank top and pair it with a cute skirt or jeans. Finish off her adorable look with a paci, socks and shoes. She’s ready to join him. You’re gonna have a terrific time playing Tom and Sally Dress Up!

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