Wolves Printable Crossword

by Adrian Hoad-ReddickWhat is the sound a wolf makes? Challenge your knowledge of wolves in this printable crossword.

Wolves Print-n-Play Crossword


3. Month by which pups are born
5. The ______ wolf lives on a diet of caribou, musk-ox, hares and lemmings
8. The sound that a wolf makes
9. Camouflage color of the Arctic Wolf
10. One of three types of wolf native to the U.S. (a colorful type of wolf, Canis rufus)
12. Wolves travel in groups, or ______
14. Wolves belong to the canine, or ____ family
16. A wolf is a flesh eater, or __________
18. Another name for the Gray Wolf is the ______ Wolf
19. The half-man, half-wolf of horror movies
20. The dominant male or female of a pack


1. Name given the behaviour when an alpha female assigns another pack member to care for her pups while she goes hunting
2. Plural of ‘wolf’
4. 150-200 wolves have been reintroduced into this well-known U.S. National Park
6. A smaller member of the canine family, closely related to the wolf
7. To yell out an alarm unnecessarily (2 words)
11. A solitary wolf, male or female, who travels alone for a short while
13. Asian/African member of the canine family
14. Wolves are impressive diggers; A wolf ____ may extend twenty feet into a bank.
15. A wolf has no sweat glands. Most of a wolf’s blood flows through its _____.
17. The lowliest wolf in a pack.

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Wolves Crossword Answer Key

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