December Resources

Pine trees in snow
Merry Christmas!
Welcome to December! Another year has flown by. Where it goes is always a mystery!

To start the month off with a little laughter (and in order to increase the number of reviews we have on Jokes By Kids: Volume 2 (in Kindle format) is FREE for four days starting December 3. Grab your copy NOW before this promo ends.

It’s truly winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The crisp, cold nights can be wonderful for stargazing. In particular, the Geminid Meteor Shower (December 13-14, 2013) should be quite a show, despite a nearly full moon. It is particularly kid-friendly because it starts quite early in the evening, and the meteors are bright enough to overcome the moonlight.
What is a meteor shower?
How to go stargazing with your kids (video)
Learn about the constellations
Or knock some stars out of the sky, just for fun!

Love to sit by the fire and do crossword puzzles? Did you know that we’ve been doing that for a hundred years? Celebrate the Anniversary of the First Crossword Puzzle (December 21, 1913).

Learn more about crossword puzzles
Play interactive crossword puzzles
Create your own puzzles and word searches!

Of course, the 400 pound gorilla of December celebrations is Christmas (December 25, 2013). We have lots of fun activities for you!

Make your own Christmas cards
Make a stained glass ornament
Make a gingerbread house
Laugh at some Christmas jokes
Enjoy some Christmas videos
And of course, have some quiet time with our Christmas coloring pages.

Enjoy the festive season, and we’ll see you on the Net next year! Yikes.

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