10 Facts About Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill, famed orator and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.

Winston Churchill, famed orator and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.

Winston Churchill, one of the best known British men in history, played a very significant role during World War II, as the leader of the United Kingdom when the Allied forces attacked German forces and Axis powers. He is famous, in part, for his ability to make difficult decisions in pivotal situations as well as for his ability to motivate and encourage others when hope was all but gone.

1. Multi-Faceted Man

Even though many books and articles have been written about Sir Winston Churchill, there are still many things about him that many people do not know. For example, he was known as a dynamic statesman and for his literary and public speaking genius. He was also a painter and a devout father.

2. Accomplished Public Speaker

Churchill became quite an accomplished public speaker, in spite of his speech impediment, which he tried throughout his life to conquer. He was an inspiration to millions all over the world and some of the most oft quoted lines in history are attributed to him. He constantly worked to overcome his impediment saying that it wasn’t a hindrance for him. While some language organizations dispute what kind of speech impediment he actually had, it is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

3. Honeymoon Baby

Churchill was born and raised in a very famous and affluent family. His mother was the daughter of the American millionaire Leonard Jerome. While many are aware of his family history, most don’t know that he was born two months premature. Churchill would have been known as a honeymoon baby as he was born only 8 months after his parents were married.


4. War Involvement

Churchill traveled to South Africa in 1899 where he was a war correspondent. He was captured and kept in a holding camp as a prisoner of war in Pretoria when fighting broke out between Britain and the Boer Republic. He escaped and joined the British army in their efforts against the Boer Republic, rather than return home. He would return to England eight months later on the same ship which had brought him to South Africa.

5. Health Scare

In 1953, Winston Churchill had a serious health scare when he suffered a stroke. He had previously had a heart attack in 1941 but still was able to travel all over the world. He also suffered a severe case of pneumonia in 1943. None of his illnesses never distracted him from the things that were most important to him.

6. Family Man

Winston Churchill proposed to Ethel Barrymore, although he never married her. He married Clementine Hozier and had 1 son and 4 daughters with her. He was always very close to his family and would have been considered a family man.

7. Avid Painter

Churchill was an avid painter, having painted more than 570 paintings during his lifetime. Only a few have been showed in exhibitions and his first show was done under a pseudonym. Recently, one of his paintings sold for 1 million pounds at auction.

8. One of Britain’s Finest Men

Winston Churchill died in 1965, at the age of 90. He suffered a stroke and died 9 days later exactly 70 years after the death of his own father. He will long be remembered as one Britain’s finest men.

9. Fondness for Alcohol

It was rumored that Winston Churchill was very fond of alcohol and would occasionally add small amounts of whiskey to his water. Some even say that he did this daily for long periods throughout his life.

10. Very Humorous Nature

Many famous sayings are attributed to Churchill but one of them, in particular, stands out because of its very humorous nature. Bessie Braddock accused him of being drunken one day and he replied, “Bessie, you’re ugly and tomorrow I shall be sober.”

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