Top 10 Facts About Renoir

Renoir’s wife Aline is portrayed.
Renoir’s wife Aline is portrayed.

Renoir is one of the most famous painters of all time and was a very important influence on the impressionist movement in Europe and particularly France. His work is regarded as some of the most important in the movement and his name will be synonymous with skill and talent in painting.

1. Renoir is the only name that many people know him as, but it is really just his family name. The full name of Renoir is Pierre-Auguste Renoir and he was born in Limoges, in the province of Haute-Vienne in France. With his wife, Aline Victorine Charigot, Renoir had three sons.

2. Renoir was very influential in his field and was regarded by many critics and other painters as an authority in the field. One of his good friends was Claude Monet. Monet was a very significant influence on Renoir. Renoir did a portrait of Monet in 1875 which depicts him standing in front of a window holding a palette and his brushes.

3. One of the earliest paintings be Renoir was called Diana and was an image of the goddess Diana. Diana was a mythological figure from Roman history, and this piece was one of the most important works ever done by Renoir. The style of Renoir changed over his career and many wouldn’t recognize the painting as his, at least not at first glance. But the colors and clear skin of the model are still very characteristic of Renoir’s style and the evolution can be seen in the image.

4. Renoir did many paintings of small children and is known for his skill in depicting them. One of the best he made was of a little girl with blond hair wearing a dark blue dress with lots of white lace. The painting is called Little Girl with a Watering Can and is one of the classic paintings of Renoir that shows the innocence and purity of childhood. Painting children is quite difficult and Renoir was able to get them to hold still long enough to paint.

5. The wife of Renoir was his partner for his whole life and took a great interest in his work. She was even in one of his paintings called The Luncheon of the Boating Party. The painting is interesting because everyone is looking at someone else except Aline. She is playing with a small dog and doesn’t have any idea about what is going on around her.

6. Some of the most famous paintings of Renoir were of African Muslims from Algeria. Algeria was very important to France at the time as one of its former colonies and very influential on his work. Many of his paintings depicted these people and the city of Algiers.

7. Renoir was famous for his very skillful use of colors, but is also famous for his painting, Umbrellas, for his effective use of black, white and grays. A rainy day in Paris inspired the painting and many believe that it is one of his best works.

8. The Bathers may be the most famous work of Renoir and is one of the most celebrated of all impressionist works. This was painted between 1884 and 1887 and shows three nude women bathing in the water of the Seine River.

9. Renoir liked Richard Wagner and his music until he painted his portrait. After that time he really didn’t care for him because of his foul attitude during the session.

10. Renoir was known for his many portraits, but also liked to paint still life. Some of the things he enjoyed painting the most in his still life images were fruits and flowers. He liked to paint flowers that his wife brought in from the garden and arrange in a vase.

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