10 Things You Need to Know about Cats

Cat Playing with Yarn
Cat Playing with Yarn

While most people think of cats being cute and cuddly, others think that they are sneaky and sinister. Cats are fiercely independent animals that are not very high maintenance for most people. You don’t have to walk them or bathe them unless they get into something especially stinky. Here are a few things that you may not know about out feline friends.

1. Gold medal kitty

We know that cats can be pretty fast. However, the average house cat can run 30 miles per hour which is faster than the current 100 meter world record holder Usain Bolt.

Kitty energy

One of the ingredients in an energy drink is Taurine. This is an amino acid that makes humans more energetic. However, it is also something that cats need in their diets. You should not give your cat energy drinks, however, because Taurine is included in your cat’s food. Without Taurine, a cat would go blind.

3. These whiskers are made for squeezing

Your cat uses his whiskers as a way to determine whether or not he can fit through an opening. Ever wonder how your cat squeezes through really small openings? His collarbone is not connected to any other bones in his body. The collarbone is embedded inside of his muscles, which allows him to collapse and streamline his body.

4. Screaming mice and super ears

Your cat can hear ultrasonic level sounds. These sounds are too high for humans or even dogs to hear. These ultrasonic sounds are what mice and other rodents use to communicate with each other. So next time your cat acts like he is hearing something, he really might be.

5. Cats don’t have a sweet tooth

While it may seem that cats love sweet things, their taste buds actually cannot detect the sugar in their favorite treats. Have you ever noticed that feline treats are made in savory flavors such as liver and chicken? This just may be the reason.

6. Kneady cat

When you see a cat kneading a spot before he lays down, it’s not just because he is trying to find a comfy place to sleep. Cats actually sweat through their paws and they are use the kneading to mark their territory.

7. The tails tell the tale

If your cat’s tail quivers when she sees you or is near you, that is an expression of love. If your cat is thrashing her tail about, keep your distance because she is in a foul mood.

8. Cats of many words

Did you know that cats can make over 100 vocal sounds? That is way more than the vocal prowess of dogs. Dogs can only make 10 vocal sounds. The more you talk to your cat, the more she will talk to you.

9. Sleepy cat

Cats spend at least one third of their lives sleeping. So that means that a cat that is nine years old has only been awake for about three of those years.

10. I’m so happy I can’t look

When cats are extremely happy, many of them squeeze their eyes shut.

These are just a few of the amazing facts that ailurophiles, or cat lovers, would love to know. Test your friends with a little kitty trivia.

Learn more with these Cats websites.

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