Halloween Resources

It's Halloween!

Halloween is one of those holidays that is loved by both kids and grownups. As it approaches, I wanted to share this big list of resources from all corners of the Feldman Publishing network. Here goes:

From Surfnetkids.com:

Halloween Fun: our holiday mini-site with tips, tricks, and printable fun!

Halloween Games from Surfnetkids Games

More Halloween Games a few more games on our Halloween Fun mini-site

Halloween Coloring Pages these are now a part of Surfnetkids, but used to be on the standalone site FreeKidsColoring.com

Pumpkin Carving Sites — recommended by Surfnetkids

Printable Halloween Puzzles such as dot-to-dots, spot the differences, and word search puzzles

Math Projects with Halloween Candy — it has to good for more than belly aches and cavities, right?

Recommended Halloween Costume Idea Sites

Recommended Halloween Recipe Sites

Recommended Bat Sites

What is Halloween? — Recommended sites about the history of Halloween

If you have some Halloween sites you’d like to share, you can do so at Halloween Fun: Submit Site or by leaving a comment below!

But wait, we have more!

Halloween Jokes from JokesByKids.com

Submit your own Halloween Joke over at JokesByKids.com

Using Halloween Candy in Math Projects from Surfnetparents.com

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