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About Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott is a distinguished writer from the 18th century. She wrote books, letters, poems, journals, etc. that are still loved today; one great example is Little Women. Her works are read world wide, and have been for years. So, who influenced the works of Louisa May Alcott? To get a good idea of […]

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About Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a female poet who joins Walt Whitman as one of the most influential poets of the 19th Century. In addition to contributing to the literary world, Dickinson was a trailblazer for women and for the creation of a unique literary style despite harsh criticism and calls for conformity. Below is a brief […]

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About Beatrix Potter

Helen Beatrix Potter was born in Kensington, London on July 28, 1866. Beatrix Potter was a children’s author, a land owner, a wife, an animal lover, an illustrator, a botanist, and a conservationist. Beatrix Potter is perhaps best known for her published stories of Peter Rabbit. As a child, Potter rarely had a chance to […]

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About Frank Baum

Frank Baum had many jobs throughout his life. He was an author at a young age; he raised Hamburg chickens. He opened his own store, worked for a couple of newspapers, and was a door to door salesman. Baum also managed a few opera houses while perusing an acting career. Out of all of these […]

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About William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is recognized as being the greatest writer of the English language. Shakespeare was a popular playwright of his time. He established the Globe theatre, which was a meeting place and entertainment venue for men and women of all classes. Not much is known of the life of William Shakespeare. He was baptized on […]

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About Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman is often regarded as the first Urban Poet; his work is considered to be a landmark in the history of American literature. Whitman’s first published work was titled Leaves of Grass, which he initially self published in 1855. Leaves of Grass would become a life work for Whitman, taking on nine new editions […]

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