General Andrew Jackson defending against the attacking Highlanders.

10 Facts About the Battle of New Orleans

1. A Long Battle: The Battle of New Orleans was one of a series of battles that were fought during the War of 1812. The Battle of New Orleans is generally considered the final battle that was fought in the …[Continue]

Apollo 8

10 Facts about Apollo 8

The Second Human Spaceflight: Apollo 8 was the second human spaceflight. The first human spaceflight was launched by the Soviet Union on April 12, 1961. Apollo 8 was launched on December 21, 1968. Apollo 8 was the first human mission, in …[Continue]


10 Facts about Commas

The purpose of a comma is to make sentences easier to read and understand. They separate different elements of a sentence and specify where the reader should pause. One of the most confusing aspects of comma use is that not …[Continue]

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

10 Facts about Grace Hopper

Early Life of Grace Hopper: Grace Brewster Murray Hopper was born in New York City in 1906. She was born Grace Brewster Murray. She was the oldest of three children. In 1930, she married Vincent Foster Hopper and took his …[Continue]

10 Facts about German Reunification

10 Facts about German Reunification

1. The reunification of Germany occurred in 1990, when the German Democratic Republic (GDR/East Germany) joined the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG/West Germany) to form the reunited Germany. The unification process is referred to by Germans as, die Wende (The …[Continue]