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10 Facts about King Tut

King Tut Ankh Amun Golden Mask

  1. Name While most people call the him King Tut, his actual name was Tutankhamen. His name means Living image of Amun. Amun was a local deity to Thebes. He was the God of wind and the King of the Gods. His original name was Tutankhaten, or Living image of Aten. His father had […]

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10 Amazing Facts About the Human Heart

The Human Heart

    Keeping 6 quarts of blood flowing through the entire body is hard work. It’s all done at the center of the chest by the heart. This amazing organ is one of the first to develop in babies and works every second of life to allow the body to carry on. 1. Where It’s […]

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10 Surprising Facts about the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China Tower

The Great Wall of China is an amazing landmark. You may have seen a picture of the wall, but do you really know about it? Here we examine some surprising things you may not know about the Great Wall. 1. What is the Great Wall of China? The Great Wall of China is a huge […]

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10 Intriguing Facts about the South Pole

View of the Riiser-Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica

  The South Pole is located in Antarctica, which is inhabitable to live by humans. The highest recorded temperate in the South Pole was at 9.9 degrees Fahrenheit, or -12..3 degrees Celsius. It is said that the South Pole is one of the coldest places that is located on Earth. The coldest recorded temperature that […]

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10 Exciting Facts about Project Mercury

Glenn Enters his Mercury Capsule

Project Mercury was the first American space program put in place by NASA to have a man orbit into space. In total there were 7 orbits into space during the course of this program. Here are some exciting facts you need to know about Project Mercury. 1. Plans For the Future The primary reason for […]

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Van Gogh Gallery


Vincent Willem van Gogh was born March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands.  Van Gogh began drawing as a child.  However,he did not begin painting until he was in his late twenties and some of his best works were created in the last two years of his life.  Van Gogh was a Post Impressionist artist.  His work is world renowned and his […]

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