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10 Amazing Facts About the Human Heart

The Human Heart

    Keeping 6 quarts of blood flowing through the entire body is hard work. It’s all done at the center of the chest by the heart. This amazing organ is one of the first to develop in babies and works every second of life to allow the body to carry on. 1. Where It’s […]

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10 Exciting Facts about Project Mercury

Glenn Enters his Mercury Capsule

Project Mercury was the first American space program put in place by NASA to have a man orbit into space. In total there were 7 orbits into space during the course of this program. Here are some exciting facts you need to know about Project Mercury. 1. Plans For the Future The primary reason for […]

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10 Interesting Facts About the Immune System


To keep itself healthy the body is designed to build immunity. The definition of immunity is to be protected against something. This system of the body involves different organs and also partners with the blood system. It is in charge of keeping the entire body safe from the invading germs that it is attacked by […]

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10 Facts About Albert Einstein


Theoretical physicist and humanitarian, Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14, 1879. He died of heart failure in Princeton, New Jersey on April 18, 1955. Although he spoke of himself as a “mathematical ignoramus,” he is known as a genius to the scientific community. 1.  Family Life As an infant, Albert Einstein lived […]

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10 Fun Facts about Alligators

Chinese Alligator

Alligators are amazing creatures. They have been on Earth for millions of years. Some even walked with the dinosaurs! Here, we go over everything you need to know about alligators. 1. What is an Alligator? An alligator is a large cold blooded reptile. There are two species of alligator: the American Alligator and the Chinese […]

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10 Facts About the Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), is one of the fish eagles and is a national symbol of the United States. Once listed as a threatened species on the verge of extinction, the bald eagle has made a comeback and is no longer endangered. 1.  Physical Characteristics Although named Bald Eagles, these birds feature white feathers […]

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