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Bubbleberries sells knitted costume tails – which, surprisingly, seem to be in high demand! They’re a great addition to any homemade costume. Hats and headbands with ears are floating around all over the place, but very few companies are making really good-looking tails. Because the tails are knitted, they are quaint and craftsy. Some have wire throughout and can be bent into any amusing shape; others are stuffed; others are made entirely of yarn, and these tend to actually sway realistically with your movement. Tails pin on to pants or attach to waste with an elastic band. Bubbleberries also takes custom orders.

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Halloween Is...
Halloween Is...
Price: $3.99
Creating Your Vintage Hallowe en: The Folklore, Traditions, and Some Crafty Makes
Creating Your Vintage Hallowe'en: The Folklore, Traditions, and Some Crafty Makes
Price: $7.77