Friendly Styrofoam Spider

This darling spider will enchant the kids rather than frighten them. Its friendly face will delight kids of all ages.

What you will need:

•Large and small Styrofoam balls (one of each for each spider)
•black acrylic paint
•paint brush
•wiggle eyes
•red bead for nose
•black pipe cleaners
•tacky glue
•dimensional paint in red

Instructions for the project-Paint all of the Styrofoam balls black and let dry. Count out 8 pipe cleaners for each spider. Dip both ends of the toothpick in the tacky glue and insert these ends in the large and small Styrofoam balls to connect the head to the body. Punch 4 holes in both sides of the larger Styrofoam ball. Dip one end of each of the pipe cleaners into the tacky glue and insert them in each of the 8 holes in the body. Bend the “feet” of the spider so make it stand easier. Glue the eyes and nose on with tacky glue. Using the dimensional paint, draw a smile under the nose.

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