Trick or Treat T-shirt

This is a t-shirt all the kids will want! You can switch the stamping around to fit what is available at your craft store.

What you will need:

•White T-shirt
•Halloween foam stamps (these come in a variety of shapes like candy corn, pumpkins, witches etc.)
•Alphabet foam stamps
•Fabric paint: black, yellow, orange and white
•Orange 3D fabric paint
•Waxed paper
•Cutting board, thick cardboard or cookie sheet

Note: You can substitute acrylic paint and textile medium for fabric paint.

Directions for the project-Be sure that T-shirt has been washed and dried before decorating and you do not use fabric softener. Place a cutting board, a thick piece of cardboard or a cookie sheet to act as a divider inside the shirt. Lay the shirt flat, then insert a sheet of waxed paper between it and the divider. This will keep any paint seepage from getting through to the other side of the shirt and will also protect your cutting board. When applying paint to foam stamps, add a generous amount by dabbing paint on with a paintbrush. Use alphabet stamps and black paint to write out the words “TRICK OR TREAT” across the front of the shirt. Use Halloween foam stamps with white, yellow and orange paint to add the designs.Use orange (or whatever color you choose) 3D fabric paint to pipe a border around your design. Set shirt aside in a safe place and allow to dry overnight. Once completely dry, remove the cutting board and the waxed paper from inside the shirt.

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