Hanging Bat Decoration

To make a large bat decoration that you can suspend from a tree or a porch, start by wrapping a black trash bag around a 2-liter plastic soda bottle. Use glue or electrical tape to hold it in place. To create the bat’s ears, pinch two small bunches of plastic (near the cap end of the bottle) and wrap a rubber band around the base of each bunch. Cut a set of fangs out of the white plastic lid or use a black marker to outline the shape of fangs. Affix red stickers or other pieces of red material or plastic for the eyes. Cut two large bat wings from another black trash bag. Lay one of the wings flat on the ground and place and duct tape a stick along the wing so that the wing will hold its shape. Hang this bat by placing it among the branches of a tree.

Halloween Is...
Halloween Is...
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The Book of Hallowe'en: The Origin and History of Halloween
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