Muffet’s Nightmare

If you are looking to fill those afternoon hours between school and trick or treating or a fun way to jazz up your Halloween party then you may want to consider having some craft projects to do. Halloween craft projects are lots of fun to do, require few materials and best of all only require simple crafting skills. Projects are available for all ages and interests from the cute and fun to the scary and gory. So if you are looking for some fun projects to do here are some ideas for easy Halloween crafts-

·Foam Spider in Yarn Web – You will be left wondering what fly could resist this cute web? This is a great craft for a kid’s Halloween party.

What you will need:

3 Popsicle (craft) sticks
white yarn
1 chunky looking foam spider
glue gun

Instructions for the project: Glue together the 3 craft sticks in the web (star) shape. (This will be an X with the last stick being glued straight up on the X). Wrap the yarn several times around the middle pieces adding dabs of glue to secure. Then you may begin wrapping around the sticks to make the spider web. You will have to use dabs of glue to keep the yarn in place. When finished glue on the foam spider. You can then make a hanger from a piece of yarn.

Halloween Is...
Halloween Is...
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The Night Before Halloween
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