Beaded Pumpkin Napkin Ring


This easy to make beaded napkin ring will add real flair to your Halloween goodie table.

What you will need:

2 green pipe cleaners
41 orange pony beads
3 brown pony beads
1 thin skewer(to wrap pipe cleaner around)

Instructions for the project:

Push two of the pipe cleaners through an orange pony bead. Center the orange pony bead on the pipe cleaners. Then you will separate and bend apart the pipe cleaners so you have a “plus sign” with an orange pony bead in the middle. Next you will string 10 orange pony beads on each end pushing the beads up to the middle bead. Bend the beaded pony beads up to form the pumpkin shape and twist ends around each other. String three brown pony beads on to one end. Bend that end over to secure beads. Trim. Wrap other three ends, one at a time, around a skewer to make the pumpkin vine tendrils.

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Halloween Is...
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