Halloween Bead Necklace Craft


This simple wood burned Halloween bead necklace is a great craft for teen girls and older children. Since you will be using a wood burning tool to detail wood beads to look like Jack O Lanterns make sure to have plenty of adult supervision. Keep in mind that wood burning tools are super affordable, but best not used by younger children.

What you will need:

Unfinished wood beads (any size or shape is fine)
wood cut outs with a hole in the top
twine to string the necklace
wood burning tool
orange wood stain

Instructions for the project:

Begin by heating up your wood burning tool. You will want to use the smallest pencil point like tip on the wood burning tool. Be sure to slip the metal point into the wood burning tool before you plug it in. Use a pencil to draw s small jack o lantern style face on each bead. It is a good idea to use the pencil to mark the face on the wood beads so that you do not make any mistakes when you get started with the wood burning tool. After you have completed the drawing start wood burning the faces onto the Jack O Lantern beads. If you want to make a simpler necklace you could also put one letter on each bead to spell out “Happy Halloween.” After each small Halloween bead has its face (or letter) you are ready to stain them orange. To hold the beads for painting try stringing them on a wire hanger that has been opened up. Dip your paint brush into the orange wood stain and start painting it onto the Halloween beads. Use a clean white cloth to wipe away any excess orange wood stain. When the beads are completely dry string them onto the twine tying knots between the beads for spaces if you desire.

Halloween Is...
Halloween Is...
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The Night Before Halloween
The Night Before Halloween
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