Classroom Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Halloween grunge background with black pumpkins, bat, spider and

Most teachers will use bulletin boards in their classrooms, and for good reasons. Bulletin boards are a great way to liven up a classroom and give students more to look at than blank walls. They are also a great way to display the things students are working on, incorporate projects in to things they are learning about, and add festivity to the classroom around seasons and holidays.

If you are looking for classroom Halloween bulletin board ideas, the following are some fun things you can do with your students to decorate the bulletin board:

Batty About…

Using blue or black paper as a background and yellow for a moon, decorate the bulletin board to look like a night sky. Then, have students make bats. There are a number of ways you can do this. One way is to make wings from construction paper, and then use the bottoms of egg cartons (make sure you wash them first) painted black with craft eyes glued on for bat eyes. Attach the bats by themselves, or put each students bat by his or her work that you are displaying. The title of the bulletin board can be anything about what you are working on at the time; for example, “Batty About Kindergarten” or “Batty About Reading.”

Pumpkin Patch

This is a cute classroom idea that takes pictures of the students in the classrooms and puts them on pumpkin faces. First, decorate the back of the bulletin board like a pumpkin patch. You can use green paper, blue for a sky and green for grass, and so forth. You can also twist up green tissue paper for vines–do whatever you want to be creative. For pumpkins, you can either get die cut pumpkins, or have kids make their own from construction paper or paper plates. If you make them from paper plates, paint them orange and attach a brown stem at the top. Then, have kids glue their school pictures or a photo of their face on to the pumpkins. (You can take close up shots of each of them earlier, then print them out.) Attach the pumpkins to the board on the vines. Cut out letters and spell out across the top, “(Teacher’s name)’s Little Pumpkin Patch.”

Witch’s Brew

This fun Halloween bulletin board for the classroom consists of a cauldron and witch (if you want). Purchase a cardboard witch. (These can be bought inexpensively from school supply stores or a party supply store.) Make a cauldron out of black paper, then use green construction paper circles to look like bubbles coming out. You can tailor the caption of your bulletin board to the theme of your classroom. For example, “Mixing up fun in (teacher’s name) class.” You can have projects from the kids coming out of the cauldron.

Spider Web

Decorate your bulletin board like a spider web. You can draw the web onto black paper with white marker, or you can purchase fake spider webs from a party supply store or the Halloween aisle of any store. Have the kids make spiders from construction paper. You can cut out strips and fold them accordion-style for legs, and attach them to the body of the spider. You can also put the kids’ pictures on the spiders as well, and title the bulletin board.

If you are looking for Halloween bulletin board ideas for your classroom, these are just a few.

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