Elementary School Halloween Bulletin Boards

Spider Halloween Design

Bulletin boards are a classroom staple for many teachers. Not only do they provide a great way to display students’ work, but they also serve to inspire and help teach the things they are learning in the classroom.

Many teachers decorate their bulletin boards for the different seasons and holidays. The following are some elementary aged Halloween bulletin board ideas you can use in your classrooms:

  • Spiders. Elementary school aged kids will enjoy making these spiders that you can display on your bulletin board. Cover the bulletin board with purple, black, or blue butcher or background paper. Then let kids make their own “spiders” using paper plates (if you can find smaller sized plates, these work the best) and black paints. Have them paint the plates black, then let them dry. While they are drying, show them how to use scissors to cut “legs” out of strips of construction paper, then fold them back and forth accordion-style to make legs. Attach the legs with tape or glue, then paint on eyes (you can also use craft eyes.) Cut out the words “Happy Halloween” and put them at the top.


  • Skeletons. You can either make skeletons or purchase a cutout for this Halloween bulletin board idea. Decorate your background (orange and/or black are good). Then, have the kids make skeletons. You can find a pattern easily doing an online search. Let the kids decorate them how they want, putting their pictures on them if you like. Then, put a saying on the top like, “No bone’s about it – third grade is fun!” or something similar. You can also use the pre cut skeleton and attach the students’ projects to the bulletin board instead of having them all make pumpkins. You can also be creative and decorate with headstones, etc. to give it a more Halloween feel.


  • Ghosts. With this bulletin board, have the kids trace their hands with their fingers closed on white construction paper, and then cut them out and decorate them to their liking. Use a creative background, like a pre made picture of a haunted house, then put the kids’ ghosts all around the board. Your saying at the top can be, “Scaring up Fun in (teacher’s) Class” or something similar. You can also customize the saying to the theme of the work on the bulletin board; for example, one teacher suggested for English, writing adjectives pertaining to Halloween on the ghosts (Eg, scary, creepy, and so forth) and then captioning it, “Scaring Up Adjectives.”


  • Haunted house. If you have a small class or group, you can make this bulletin board fun by making a haunted house with construction paper, or you can find one to print off online. Make as many windows in the haunted house as you have students, using brown construction paper as shutters, then tape their pictures behind the windows. Caption it, “Look who’s hiding in the haunted house?” or “Happy Halloween” or something similar. This is a fun one that the kids can be involved in as well. Decorate the rest of the bulletin board with trees, spiders, or other Halloween decorations.

Halloween bulletin boards are a great way to spice up your classroom a little and make it festive for fall and Halloween. These are a few ideas that are perfect for Halloween bulletin boards for elementary school kids.

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