Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Halloween Sign With Skeleton And Mummy

Bulletin boards are a fun way to decorate classrooms and daycares for different holidays and themes. They also provide a great way to show students’ work when parents come to visit.

Bulletin boards decorated for Halloween are a great way to bring a festive mood into the classroom. If you need a few ideas for Halloween bulletin boards, here are a few that are fun for both teachers and students to work on:


Decorate your bulletin board like a cornfield with scarecrows with this bulletin board idea. Make the background look like a cornfield. You can do this with a colored background, then adding cornhusks (real or cutout pictures along the bottom and sides of the bulletin board. Have students make scarecrows, and then place them on the bulletin board. You can use a creative saying to go along with this, like, “Scaring up Fun in First Grade,” or so forth.

To make the scarecrows, get different colored scraps of paper. Scrapbook supply stores are a great place to do this, as you can get large squares of paper for inexpensive. Cut them into quarters to prevent waste. Make patterns of shirts, scarecrow heads, hats, and pants, then have students trace them onto the scraps of paper of their choice and cut out their shirts and pants. Have the students decorate their scarecrow faces however they want, and add bits of raffia to the ends of the arms and legs. Display them on the bulletin board.


There are a few different things you can do with skeletons for Halloween bulletin boards. Both of the ideas here are better for older kids in third grade or higher. This type of bulletin board looks best with a black background, because the white from the skeletons will stand out. The first thing to do is have students fold a piece of white paper in half, then cut it out doubled. Show them how to cut out ribs and hip bones so it resembles a skeleton when they open it. Then attach a skull, arm, and leg bones to form the rest of the skeleton. Each one will be unique because of the way they cut it.

They can also make skeletons using different shapes of pasta. You can make a skeleton by attaching dried pastas such as spiral, penne, elbow macaroni, and farafelle (or bowtie) pasta to black construction paper. Use the spiral pasta for spine, penne or macaroni for arms and legs, elbow pasta for ribs, and the farafelle or bowtie pasta for the hip bone. Then, display the finished product once it dries on the bulletin board.


Pumpkins also make a great Halloween bulletin board. One idea is to have students cut out pumpkins from orange construction paper, then decorate the pumpkin heads to look like themselves. Use different colors of yarn for hair and so forth. Then, attach the pumpkins to the bulletin board and say, “Our Pumpkin Patch.” You can also have students paste their pictures to pumpkins, then make the board look like a pumpkin patch with vines attached to them. Vines can be made with green curling ribbon, green pipe cleaners, or twisted tissue paper. Another easy idea is to pre cut out pumpkins for each student, then let them decorate the faces however they wish.

Halloween is a great time for you to be creative with your bulletin boards. These are just a few ideas for fun Halloween bulletin board ideas.

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