Halloween Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Most classrooms, day cares, preschools, or after-school programs have bulletin boards. These are the perfect way to set the theme of your classroom while proudly displaying the things the kids have worked so hard on.

Bulletin boards are also a good way to bring a festive mood into the classroom by decorating the bulletin boards to a theme for different holidays and seasons. Below are some great ideas for Halloween themed bulletin boards that you can use to display pictures of your class or the work that they have done.

“Boo”tiful Work”

One way you can display the work done by your elementary school aged students and still keep with the Halloween spirit is to decorate the bulletin board with ghosts, and then use cut-out letters to spell “Boo”tiful Work!” at the top of the bulletin board. Decorating in a ghost theme provides a number of different ideas. You can simply display the work on the board, and then put ghosts in the corners and all around the board, or you can have the students make their own ghosts out of construction paper, and then tape their work in the middle of it. This is a good way for the kids to be creative as well. You can also put spider webs, fake spiders, etc. on the board to keep in the Halloween theme.

“Frankly Speaking…”

You can use a Frankenstein cutout to spice up your bulletin board for Halloween. Decorate the background any way you want, with a Halloween theme. Then put the Frankenstein cutout somewhere on the board. Display the students’ work on the board, and then make a caption that pertains to it, starting out with “Frankly speaking,” or “Frankly,” such as, “Frankly Speaking, Math is Fun!” and put the students math work up. Or, “Frankly, we love kindergarten!” And have pictures of the kids up on the bulletin board. (You can attach the kids faces to pumpkins or some other type of Halloween theme.)


You can make a Halloween themed bulletin board by using cut-out letters to spell “Spooktacular!” at the top. You can also use variations of that, like “Spooktacular Work!” or “(Teacher’s name) Class is Having a Spooktacular Time!” Then, decorate the board with any number of Halloween themed pictures. You can take photos of the kids making Halloween crafts, or in their Halloween costumes if you had a party, and then display them. Or, you could simply display their work and put pumpkins, bats, or other Halloween-themed cutouts around the board.

“Batty About…”

Bats are a great Halloween theme, and you can use the phrase “Batty About” to tie it together with whatever your class is working on at the time. (For example, Batty About Reading, Batty About First Grade, and so forth). Decorate the background to look like a sky and moon using blue colored background paper and yellow for the moon. You can then have the kids make bats using construction paper, or you can find some pre-made bats and attach them around the bulletin board, using the majority of the space for this kids’ work. Another fun thing you can do is attach their pictures to the bats.

Themed bulletin boards are perfect for classrooms. These are a few Halloween theme bulletin board ideas for you to spice up your classroom with.

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