Egg Carton Treat Holder

Halloween is the time of year where kids get treats, and get to dress up. It used to be all about ghosts and goblins, but now it is more about princesses and super heroes. To help your little heroes and princess get into the holiday spirit, try the following fun Halloween crafts:

Egg carton treat holders: These are simple, cheap, and make for fun decorations, party favors, or just because. To make these you will need the following supplies:

  • A cardboard egg carton. Not the Styrofoam ones.
  • Tissue paper in orange, black, yellow, and white.
  • Paints in Halloween colors.
  • Googly eyes. Bigger, but not too large.
  • Hot glue gun with glue.
  • Halloween colored candies.

To make:

Start by having an adult cut out one egg holder for each child. You will want to cut it so it is just the cup that holds the egg, nothing around the top. You can get several out of one carton, so you can even let each child make two or three if they want.

Now paint the outside of the egg carton cups in a fun Halloween color. They can be orange, black, green, etc. Then set them aside to let them dry. An adult may want to help with this part as if there is too much paint it will either rip, or take ages to dry. One good coating is plenty.

While you are waiting for the carton cups to dry, cut the tissue paper into 4 in by 4 in squares. You will want to choose the colors to correspond with, but contrast the color you painted your egg carton. So, if you painted the carton black you may want orange or yellow tissue paper. If you painted it orange you may want black or white paper.

Once the carton is dry, have an adult help the child secure some googly eyes on it. These are fun and fast, and will give the little cup so much character.

Once the eyes have dried in place, put your selected tissue paper in the carton to line it, and fill the little cup with your Halloween colored candies. Things like M&M’s tend to work best.

Last but not least, enjoy. You can use these as table decorations, or just for fun!

If your child wants to get more creative with the, allow them to use other materials like felt to create bow ties, lips, hair, etc. and decorate the little cup further. Just remember to help when they use scissors or hot glue.

The thing that is great about this craft is that it is the perfect size for those little helping hands, it is fast and easy, and it is going to bring them joy each time they look at it.

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Halloween Is...
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