Halloween Party Food Menu

One of the most important aspects to any party is the food. And if you are planning a Halloween party there are lots of fun things you can serve. There is many different ideas that you can use to make your Halloween food extra good (and ghoulish). Be sure to label all of your creations so your guests know what they are eating. You should also take into account the age of your guests. Younger guests are typically picky eaters (who will still be delighted by the “gross items”) while older guests may be more willing to try new and different food items. Here are some ideas to create a Halloween menu your guests will not soon forget-

  • Eyeballs-You can make these by using stuffed green olives, peeled grapes or peeled cheery tomatoes (bloody eyeballs)
  • Fingers-You can serve pickled Gherkins or small red hotdogs to mimic fingers.
  • Moldy dip-Just color your favorite cheese dip with green food coloring or use guacamole
  • Worms-This is simply a large bowl of spaghetti with your favorite tomato sauce
  • Witch’s cauldron-This is easy to do since you simply hollow out a large round dark loaf of bread, leaving an inch of bread with the crust, and three quarter fill with your favorite dip. You can then invite guests to tear off pieces of the cauldron and dip into the center. You could also have a list of the ghoulish ingredients inside your cauldron (frogs. gizzards, snakes eyes, monster slime, bat blood etc)
  • Bat’s wings-You can coat chicken wings with your favorite honey and soy sauce marinade, and add black food coloring (or a mixture of red, blue and green) to the mixture. When they are grilled under a griller they should be black and glossy.
  • Maggot casserole-This is easy to do since you add white long grain rice to your favorite casserole recipe.
  • Monster heads-To make these you cut the tops off green jalapenos and scoop out the seeds and membrane. You then fill with your favorite stuffing and bake until cooked. You can also use a little blue food coloring to make the stuffing look like brains. After cooking insert two asparagus spears into the top as antennae, cut two holes and use stuffed olives for eyes, and cut a hole for a mouth, adding a piece of carrot for a tongue.
  • Moldy potato-Just add snipped chives and green food coloring to a bowl of mashed potato.
  • Tombstone cake-Do not forget dessert! Start by baking a chocolate cake in a layer pan and turn it upside down or level it so the top is flat. You will then ice it with white icing to resemble a tombstone. Make a headstone from white cardboard and write RIP in red paint dribbling it down to resemble blood. You can also mold a hand out of fondant icing and have it coming up out of the grave.
  • Bat punch-You can use black food coloring to darken your punch. If black food coloring is not available, red, blue and yellow mixed together will work almost as good.
  • Blood punch-For this you will need to make up a raspberry punch with red cordial and soda and add extra red food coloring. You can also float bones from a plastic skeleton on top and peeled grapes can be floated in the punch as eyeballs.
  • Spooky ice cubes-To make these you will freeze well-washed plastic bugs, beetles, spiders etc in ice cube trays and add to the punch. Raisins, sultanas and currents can also be used instead of plastic bugs.

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