Halloween Party Decorating

If you are planning a Halloween party you will want to seriously consider what you are going to use for decorations. The good news is that there is no limit to what you can use to decorate for your party. In fact the difficulty may just be choosing exactly what you want to choose to decorate your party with. Best of all there are so many choices in decorating for your Halloween party you can choose whatever best fits your decorating skill and party budget. So here are some great Halloween party decorating tips-

Lighting-This will really set the mood for your party. While we all know about jack-o-lanterns, (where a face is cut into a hollowed out pumpkin and a candle placed inside), but it is important to keep in mind that there are other ways of lighting your house and grounds in a special Halloween way and best of all it is easy and cheap too!

1. Paper bag lights-You should only use these outside. If these are placed along the edge of your path leading up to the front door, they create a lovely welcome for your guests, and will also help those who are not quite sure of your address. Another good place for these types of lights is amongst plants in a garden bed and on the letterbox. To make them you simply buy some brown paper lunch-size bags and pour a few inches of sand or soil in the bottom and open them into a cylinder shape so the sand holds the bag flat on the ground. Then just push a short candle (a few inches long so it sits below the top of the bag) into the sand. The sand will help keep the candle upright and when it is lit, the wind will not blow it out because the bag protects it. If the sand has made a solid base the bag will be kept away from the flame. It is important to have a bucket of water handy to pour on any of the bags if they do happen to catch on fire.

2. Ghoulish lamps-These will add some mood lighting for the inside of your house. You can cut bats, ghosts, spiders and witches faces out of black cardboard and tape to the inside of lampshades. You can also hang up strings of small orange or red Chinese paper lanterns, together with fairy lights, throughout the room as well. For a different and eerie effect use green light bulbs in the regular light fixtures throughout the inside of your house.

Decorating your doorstep-The doorstep plays an important part at Halloween. So at the front door place a cluster of Halloween jack-o-lanterns and have a large black cardboard cut-out of a witch’s face or a bat shape on the door.

Table linens-You can make the tables your serve food extra spooky by draping old vintages tablecloths across them. Plastic spiders, bats and other scary items can be tied onto napkins (and then your guests have a fun little trinket to take home).

Special effects- Try to think outside the box when decorating for your party an electric fan blowing across dry ice will produce a smoky effect in a room. You can also remove any pot plants or drape them with dark cloths and spray them with cobweb spray. For an added effect cut black spiders and bats from black cardboard and hang them low throughout the room, preferably where people will bump into them in the dark.

Safety-This should be your top consideration for all decorating. It is important to never leave burning candles unattended. You should keep flames away from paper, greens, or other flammable objects. In addition make sure candles are not placed where partygoers will knock them over or brush against them with their clothing.

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