Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas You Can Do at Home

Aggressive, creepy zombie in clothes

For some great Halloween costume make up ideas, and for costumes that really just require makeup, try the following:

Easy costume, just use makeup:

To look old: If your child looks like an old person, they have an instant costume. So, to look like an old person, regardless of your age, follow the steps below:

1. Apply base make-up all over face and neck. This is going to help the other makeup you apply stay in place better, and give you an overall more realistic appearance.

2. “Scrunch” up your face, and put a second coat of make-up over your whole face, but make it a few shades lighter than the first coat you put on. By “scrunching” your face you will emphasize your natural wrinkles. As you do this, start with small areas, so scrunch your forehead and carefully apply there, then your eyes, etc. This will give you a more natural look.

3. “De-scrunch” your face, and take a soft brown eye-liner and start to fill in the creases that were not covered when you applied the coat.

4. Use a brown blush, or your eye liner pencil to create sunken cheeks by darkening the cheek hollows.

5. Use a brown shadow or eye-pencil to emphasize the creases around your nose, and darken along your jaw line. If done carefully it will look very natural and is easily accomplished.

6. Create crows feet by your eyes using the eye pencil, and some dark shadow.

7. Pucker up your lips to create wrinkles around your mouth. You can dust a bit of brown shadow on the creases, just be sure you make them really evident.

8. Add liver spots using a brown pencil, add broken capillaries, etc. using colored makeup and pencils.

9. Right now your face looks colored on, so you have to make it look more natural by blending it with a makeup sponge. Blend everything really well, the lines will be subtle, but the overall effect will be really awesome. It works best if you use a yellow undertone makeup.

10. Use the same techniques on your hands for more realism.

11. If you want to make it last the whole night, so you do not rub it off, be sure to powder it with baby powder at the end, and let it set, this will make your skin look more papery and old, and keep your makeup in place.

Alien: An alien is an easy costume that just takes some makeup and tin foil. Cover your arms in tin foil, put on a jump suit or neon colored clothing, and paint your skin green and shimmery and you have a great costume.

To make awesome face paint use 1 tsp corn starch, 1/2 tsp water, 1/2 tsp cold cream, green food coloring. Stir together the starch and the cold cream then add water and food coloring, stirring it all together. Then apply it. Add some glitter, and some darker coloring on top in places to create creases and a more natural look.

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