Kid Friendly Costume Ideas You Can Create at Home

One of the best parts of Halloween is becoming something for just one night that you aren’t normally. The following is a look at how to help your child with Halloween makeup in order to transform their look, and have a fun, effective, Halloween costume:

Kid friendly costume makeup ideas:

Fairy: Many little girls want to be princesses and fairies for Halloween. They want to travel to the mystical world of magic, balls, and royal princess. A dress, fairy wings, and crown are great, but to really spice up their look, fairy makeup is a must. To do fairy makeup you will need: Face paints, glitter, a spray bottle.

The best way to make a fairy costume really sparkle is to paint around their eyes. You can do flowers, butterflies, or anything that is delicate and looks like a fairy princess. Once it is done, dab on some face glitter. Add this to the paint, but also brush it across their forehead, and cheeks so that they really sparkle. When complete, spray a light mist of water on their face, and let it dry without touching. This will set the make up and help it stay in place the whole evening.

Animal: Kids love being their favorite animal for Halloween, and moms love it to because it usually means they will be nice and warm. To do your makeup for an animal costume you need some face paint. You want to paint on one base coat that matches the color of the animal, such as pink if they are a pig, brown if they are a puppy, etc. Then paint on extra features, such as whiskers, a big nose, or enlarged eyes, etc. Once you have the face painted, you want to spray it with a light mist of water, as this will help set the makeup so it won’t rub off if they touch their face, which kids will do.

Witch: Being a witch for Halloween is a ton of fun, and the makeup for a witch is a bit more complex than the makeup for most kid costumes. To do witch makeup you want to start by making a good base. You can create a great face color base with 1 tsp corn starch, 1/2 tsp water, 1/2 tsp cold cream, food coloring. You will want to stir together starch and cold cream until it is well blended. Add water and stir, then add food coloring. Green food color is best for witches. Apply it to their face, and let it dry thoroughly. Then add to the face by using a putty substance which can be made using flour, corn starch, and water, to create an elongated chin, warts, etc. use a bit of black face make up to highlight these, and consider adding a few black hairs to the wart. For added effect, rat the hair and put a few fake spiders in it to give the impression of a scary, nasty, witch.

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