Halloween Witch Make Up You Can Do at Home

Two witches with lantern and pumpkin looking at camera in the da

When doing your Halloween witch makeup, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what kind of witch you want to be. There are many different versions of a witch that you can use for Halloween, but each one requires different makeup. The following is a look at witch makeup for a good witch:

The Good Witch

The good witch is the magical being that is not evil. They usually are fun, sparkly, and frilly. They may still use the blacks, greens, and oranges, of a bad witch, but the approach is different. While a bad witch might wear a long black dress, a good witch may wear a tutu of black, green and orange, with stripped socks, and a black top. The idea is to be cute, sexy, and fun. This works well for both boys and girls.

For the makeup for a good witch, you need to pay attention to each part of the face.

The face itself: A bad witch would be painted green, a good witch is not. A regular makeup foundation that matches your skin tone would be perfect.

The lips: A bad witch might have black or blood red lipstick, a good witch is going to don a more feminine and innocent color, such as a berry, or a light pink. Also, a good witch needs to make their happy, smiling lips pop, so topping off lip color with a great shiny gloss might be just the thing. The great thing is you can get an inexpensive lip color such as a pink from wet and wild, or go for a more expensive one like MAC Lipglass in Malibu Barbie.

The cheeks: bad witches are gaunt and dark, good witches are pretty and sweet. So, make perfect little circle of a shade of pink blush. A blush like L’Oreal Blush Delice in Pink Marshmallow is perfect. You can sweep it across the cheeks for an overall rosiness, or do circles for a more dramatic look.

Lashes: False Eyelashes are a great way to dramatize the eyes. You can even get ones with rhinestones and glitter. Ardell’s Glamorous Faux Lashes are a great choice. If you do not want to wear fake lashes, just be sure to wear a generous spattering of mascara and curl your lashes.

Extras: When you are being a good witch, one of the best things you can do to make yourself look “good” is adding little extras like glitter, or paint your face with a flower, or butterfly, etc. Don’t forget the tiara, jewelry, sexy heels, etc.

Being a good witch is a fun, and often sexy Halloween costume that anyone can pull off, old or young, so enjoy it, and play around with your makeup to get the desired effect that you would like.

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