You Can Do It: Fake Blood Make Up

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Nothing makes a scary Halloween costume scarier than realistic looking fake blood makeup. The following are some great fake blood recipes that are non-toxic, and in some cases even edible, to help you have a great Halloween:

Fake, non-toxic blood

You need: Water, corn syrup, red and blue food coloring, chocolate syrup.

To make you are going to use 1 part water to 3 parts corn syrup. You will want to make as much blood as you need. Then add red food coloring and mix, then slowly add in some small amounts of blue food coloring to get a more realistic shade of blood. Once you get the color you want, make it even more realistic, and thicker, by adding in chocolate syrup. Once you have the consistency you wish, let it stand for ten minutes or so in a warm environment. Then apply, be careful, it stains. Let it drip naturally, and let it dry completely.

Edible chocolate blood

You need: Light corn syrup, red drink mix (cherry cool aid powder), cocoa powder, and chocolate syrup.

To make this edible blood you will need to combine the light corn syrup with the red drink mix, and stir. Use the quantity of blood you want. Then carefully add small amounts of cocoa powder to darken the mixture to a more realistic color. Last, but not least, thicken it using chocolate syrup until you get your desired consistency. It is going to look like real blood, and taste like chocolate. This is the perfect fake blood makeup for facial wounds.

Fake blood makeup application tips:

1. It stains so apply it somewhere that if it drips it will not ruin your flooring. Putting it on outside is best, as it can stain carpet. If you plan to ride in a car, be careful about where on your body you apply it, as it will stain.

2. Let it drip naturally. If you want to have the most realistic looking fake blood makeup, be sure to apply it, and then not touch it. Let it drip on its own, and dry completely so that it does not get smeared. This means apply it enough in advance that it can dry before you head out to your Halloween party, or trick or treating.

3. For a splatter affect, get about five feet above the item you want splattered, and let it drop. This is great for simulating gun shot wounds on clothing, etc.

4. To make blood look clotted, consider stirring in some chunky peanut butter to the mixture. This will make the blood look even gorier, and it will stick well, and be nice and thick.

5. To get the fake blood make up off after, use some hot water, and mild soap. It is going to be really sticky in your hair etc, so make sure you have time, and are not too tired for a shower.

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