Fake Blood Make Up You Can Mix Up at Home

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Fake blood makeup is a lot of fun, but there are different kinds of blood that can be made, some fitting your purpose better than others. The following is a look at recipes for fake blood makeup:

The easy one: Homemade Blood

You will need:

1/2 bottle of light corn syrup
Hot water
A squirt of liquid soap
Red, blue, and yellow food coloring

To make you are going to want to put corn syrup and water in a bowl until you get the blood consistency you want. You will then add one squirt of liquid soap. This is going to ensure that when it is time to clean up that it comes off more readily. Once you do this, color your blood to your preference using the food coloring. Then store it in the fridge until you are ready to wear it. When you wear it, be sure to let it drip naturally, and dry completely before touching it. In addition, remember it stains, so be careful not to get it on anything.

Movie blood:

You will need:

Alcohol free hair gel (clear)
Water-soluble motor/radiator lubricant, any brand.
Red food coloring.
Chocolate syrup.
Hand sanitizer

To make it you are going to use about ¾ of the amount of blood you want hair gel. Put it in a bowl, then add a small amount of radiator lubricant, until the mixture turns slightly watery. Then use red food coloring. You will need about half as much coloring as you have mixture. Then once mixed, add some chocolate syrup to make the blood look more real, and thicker. Add a squirt of hand sanitizer to make it easier to clean off, and to get the right drippy consistency. Once it is a little thicker than water, and the color you want, it will be sticky, and will create a nice splatter on clothing, etc. if you drip it from about five feet away. On skin it looks like the real thing. Be careful it stains, and will get everywhere if you use too much.

Edible bood:

If you are going to put fake blood makeup on your face, making it edible makes things a lot easier.

You need 3-4 bottles of glycerin.
A cup of strawberry jelly
1/5 packet of gelatin
Red food coloring

Microwave the glycerin, add one cup of strawberry jelly and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, stir in a fifth a packet of gelatin, and red food coloring to preference of color. Then apply to your body. It works well for large wounds, as it simulates clotting, it also works well on the face, hands, etc.

These are just a few fake blood make up recipes, have fun with it, and don’t forget that it stains, so be careful what it gets on.

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