The Best Vampire Makeup


The following are some of the things you want to do with makeup in order to get a realistic vampire costume this Halloween:

Paleness: Vampires are pale, so use a white base makeup, or a white face powder to get the pale look of not being in the sun. You will want to make sure your face is clean, and that you apply it evenly and all in one direction. If you are going for the sparkly skin look that is talked of in the popular “Twilight” books, consider adding glitter to your skin, or a shimmer powder.

Eyes: It is said that most vampires have intense eyes, so use black eye liner to outline the eyes, and consider adding width and length to your eyebrows. This is going to help, and if you want to go even further, you can special order “vampire” contact lenses that change the look of the pupil, etc.

Cheeks: to make your vampire look even more ruthless and scary, consider giving them a hollowed out face, by applying some dark makeup to the cheek hallows and just under the cheekbones. This will make the cheeks appear more gaunt, and your vampire look will be more sinister.

Lips: When it comes to the lips of vampires you either want them very pale, or very dark. So, decide if you want the dramatic look, or the light look. For dramatic you will want a dark red, lip stick, or black. Gloss it over to make it more noticeable. For pale lips, cover with powder, or foundation.

Fake blood: The key ingredient to a good vampire Halloween costume, and appropriate vampire makeup is the blood. You will want to have some fake blood the dribbles down your chin from the corners of your lips. So, start by mixing up some fake blood. There are several different recipes. The fastest and easiest is to mix one part water to three parts corn syrup, and then add in some chocolate syrup and red food coloring. You will then want to apply it to the corner of your mouth, and let it drip naturally. Then, be careful not to touch it while it dries. Also be careful you do not apply too much as it may drip down to your clothes, and stain them. Of course, if you do not want to make your own fake blood, you can purchase it. However, most people find that the homemade stuff is cheaper, easy to make, and tends to taste a whole lot better.

Top off your vampire look by purchasing some fake vampire fang teeth. These are going to make sure no one has any mistake about what, or who you are trying to be. Consider temporarily dying your hair black, and wearing it pointed in the front.

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