Halloween Witch MakeUp You Can Do at Home


One of the classic costumes for Halloween is a witch, but you can choose between the good, sexy witch, or the evil, sinister witch. The following is a look at how to do your makeup if you want to have the look of the nasty, cackling lady that turns men into animals, poisons apples, and eventually gets melted by a bucket of water.

First, you have to have a green base makeup. You will use this instead of a regular foundation. You can yourself, or buy a green face paint to put on. Use a facial sponge to apply the makeup evenly over your face. Make sure that you not only paint your face, but your neck as well, so that you do not look like a floating head. Put a light coating on, and then let it dry completely before you put another coat on. Let this dry, and finally, put a last coat on that is brown, white, or red. Do a very light coat of it, and you will see a very scary, haunting effect.

If you want to be the evil witch, and you do not want to have a green face a pale face will work equally well. To get a good look, try a regular foundation, and then use a layer of reflecting lotion, which will make it look white, and help it stand out really well.

The next thing you need to do is your lips. Most evil witches have dark, almost sinister looking lips. So, choose a dark red lipstick, and put it on so that it can be the under color, then cover it with a black or a purple to give it depth and a bold look. Be sure to use a lip liner so that it does not run, and to give your pout extra definition. Around Halloween, most of the makeup brands bring out their Halloween line, so you can pick up a few tubes of Wet n Wild;s Halloween makeup collection for really inexpensive. So play around until you get the desired look.

Next is your eyes. You have to make them dark and menacing. The best way to do this is to use plenty of black shadow and black eye liner pencils. This is best achieved with a heavy hand. Top it off with a thick coating of mascara.

Next, take the same black eye pencil, and use it to give yourself some wrinkles and age spots, give yourself a deep frown, and some furrows. Then use a sponge to blend it some into your green makeup. The black stands out strongly against the green background. Be sure to capture the deep frown lines and brow furrows so typical of witches.

Last, but not least, accent your makeup with things like warts, dark nails, and spiders in your hair.

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