Halloween Make Up Ideas

Clown Make-Up

Halloween makeup can be a fun way to add a little zing to an otherwise dull costume. A clown, for example, looks great in big shoes, a ruffled collar, etc. but without the painted cheeks and red nose, the costume is not complete. The following are a few fun Halloween makeup ideas:

Fake blood: If you go with the scary Halloween costume, then fake blood is a great way to increase the look and give it a gorier edge. Corn syrup and food coloring is a great way to get realistic looking fake blood. You can drip it off the edges of your lips and onto your chin if you are going to be a vampire. You can put it around the site of a “broken bone” sticking out of a leg, etc.

Fake warts: If you are going to be a witch, or something else for Halloween, you will want to add some fake warts. To do this you need to get all dressed, and then do the following. You will want to take a few bristles out of a brush to give the wart some hair. You will want to dip the tip of the hairbrush bristles in superglue and push them into a raisin. Then, brush spirit gum on the other side of the raisin and apply it to your face. You will need to hold it for a little while until it sticks. Then, use some cover up or base makeup and sponge it over the raisin, it will appear to be a wart, you can add green makeup if you want to give your skin a greenish tint, etc.

Animal face makeup: The next Halloween makeup idea is to wear something to make you into an animal. Then, use makeup and face paint to make yourself look like an animal as well. A tail and some animal ears can be a great start to a costume, but wearing some Halloween makeup can take a good costume and make it great. So start by choosing your animal. If you are doing a cat, for example, choose the color of the cat. Let’s say you do a tabby cat. You will want to start by painting some yellow or orangish paint in circles from the ears to around the apples of the cheeks. Next, you want to paint a half circle in the center of the forehead from the hairline to the top the brow. Next take white face paint, and paint the unpainted areas. Use your finger to smudge the two different colors together on the edges. Then, take some black face paint and paint on a nose, and outline the mouth and eyes. Add in a few whiskers. Next, you want to take some brown, tan, light orange, etc. to tint, highlight, and shadow the face to give it some dimension and make it appear to be the real animal.

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