More Halloween Make Up Ideas

Halloween makeup ideas do not have to be complicated or expensive. The following are some easy to do, Halloween makeup ideas:

1. Homemade Blood – You can add blood to almost any ghoul, goblin, or demon costume for a more realistic, scarier look. Homemade blood can be made a number of ways, but the best is one part water, three parts corn syrup, red food coloring, and a thickener to get the consistency you need.

2. Blistered Skin Effect: To get this look you want to use a lemon or other yellow colored gelatin. You make it to the consistency you need for your skin, and let it dry on it, then you can change the color using makeup, or airbrush paint.

3. Burns: Use vasoline, and then color it with eye and face makeup in reds and charcoals to get the look of a burn. Then, lay a tissue over the top of it so that it soaks up the vasoline and the coloring. You can tear pieces up to look like flesh, etc.

4. Extruding Bones Effect: For this you will probably want some gum spirit or some latex and then some broken bones, such as a chicken bone. Start with some latex around the bone then use paste to attach it to your body, and then use makeup to discolor the area, and fake blood for effect.

5. Fake Flesh Wound: For this you need a tissue, some vasoline and then food coloring and cocoa powder. You will want to mix the vasoline and food coloring, then sprinkle with cocoa powder to darken it up. Then put the tissue on your skin where you want the wound, and saturate with the mixture, molding it to look like you want. Add a little more vasoline to the center to make it look like it is gushing, and add some cocoa powder to the edges to make it appear like it is festering.

6. Bruises: These are easy, you just need eye makeup in a number of colors. Start with blue, gray, and green. Now, wet a makeup brush and apply the blue shadow to the skin where you want the bruise to be. Then use a finger to blot in other colors like the gray, and the green. Keep the green around the edges for a more realistic affect.

7. Hairy Warts: You will need hair brush bristles, super glue, spirit gum, a raisin, and some foundation makeup. What you want to do is cut some of the bristles out of a hairbrush and use super glue to keep them inside the raisin. Then use the gum to attach the raisin to your body where you want the wart to be. You may need to hold it on for a couple of minutes in order for the gum to set. Then blot it with a sponge covered in makeup to make it blend with your face.