Halloween Make Up Instructions

Halloween makeup looks harder than it is, especially if you buy the makeup already made, and just need to apply it. If you are making home made varieties, however, it can be more difficult, but not impossible. The following are Halloween makeup instructions for some of the most basic Halloween makeup needs:

1. Fake blood: In order to make fake blood from home you will need some high fructose corn syrup, some water, some red food coloring, and some gelatin. You may also want a little cocoa powder. Start by mixing 1 part water to 3 parts corn syrup. Then, add a few drops of red food coloring and mix well. If it is too bright, add some cocoa powder to give it a darker, more realistic appearance. Then, thicken to your desired consistency using some clear gelatin. Once you have made it, you will want to put it on the various parts of your body you want blood, then let dry. It will look wet, and it may stay a bit sticky, but it should be firm enough to stay in place so that you are not worried about it dripping off onto your clothes all night, etc. You may want to take into consideration that red food coloring can stain, so don’t use this blood if you are going to be wearing anything you don’t want stained.

2. Fake warts: Fake warts make the traditional witch costume perfectly awesome. You can buy premade latex and rubber ones that you attach using a gum spirit, or gum paste, or you can make your own and attach them the same way. If you are going to make your own you will want to be in your full costume, and have none of your other makeup on your face yet. Then, you will want to take a raisin and attach it to your face with some gum spirit. You may need to hold it on for a few minutes so it sticks. If you want the mole to be sprouting hair, you will need to cut some bristles out of a brush and super glue them into the raisin before you attach it to your face. Once it is attached to your face, you will want to use makeup to cover it up and make it the color of your face. This might be green Halloween makeup, or it might be foundation.

3. Flesh and wounds: When doing Halloween makeup for a fleshy look or wound, you are going to use petroleum jelly, makeup, and a tissue. Start by applying petroleum jelly to your body where you want the wound to be. Then, take some makeup and color the petroleum jelly the color you want the wound to be. Usually some red, blue, and charcoal will be a good combination for a wound. Then put the tissue on top, and let the petroleum jelly seep through, scrunch it to shape it into the wound, and there you have it.

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